Hotel complex

Montalcino (SI)

Hotel complex in Montalcino (SI)

The area is located in Torrenieri, a little town near Montalcino (Si) and are included in the sector defined “AC” for the production of the famous wine Brunello. The position is very favourable, being Torrenieri located just at the foot of Montalcino, on Via Cassia and it is reachable arriving from Florence by driving 26 Km after leaving the freeway Florence-Siena; arriving from Rome, way-out Chiusi, by driving 38 Km on the provincial road.

There are many interesting spots in the surroundings : Montalcino centre is less than 6 km far; Siena is at abt. 26 Km; the thermal station Bagno Vignoni 10 Km; Val d’Orcia, humanity common heritage, is only 2 Km far; Pienza is at 15 Km; Montepulciano at 15 km and Arezzo at 75 km.

Winestation (

Historical like the old Kingdom of Italy, one of the most ancient stations of a Country at last united was founded in 1865 in Torrenieri di Montalcino. Nowadays, one-hundred-and-forty-two years later – reconceived by Franco Mazzetto e restored by Cooperativa Archeologia – the station is given back its ancient role of access door to a large and uncontaminated territory, open to the wind of innovation and to the curiosity of those who want to understand, discover, create. Thanks to the engagement of Siena and Grosseto local administrations, caring about the train maintenance, though abandoned for many decades, the Station has now gained its challenge against memory. It comes out of oblivion and, through the past, enters the future. Station but also meeting point, that’s the idea that transformed the ancient weighing-machine room in a wine bar : Binario Zero was opened in the summer of 2007 and offers special events and live music. Those who visit the wine station at present can also enjoy the “shop-coach” a real wine shop offering the most famous and praised wines in the area as well as the local gastronomic specialities.

The plot

It is a 110.000 sqm totally level area, of which only abt. 30.000 sqm (110.000 cm) are covered by buildings. The ground features of the plot are excellent and it will be offered entirely reclaimed from the industrial site. It borders south on a branch of the national road, west on a little stream, north and east on a beautiful hill landscape. At present it is assigned for rural/industrial purposes, but a requalification is programmed in order to make it a residential/hotel and tourist habitation area. The sales operators will take care of consigning the plot endowed with the new assignment. As important thermal stations are located in the surroundings, it may be possible to find thermal water tables underground. Geological enquiries are in progress.

The project

The Hotel
The hotel availability is at present very limited. Exception made for the hotels located in Siena city centre, which are not so suited to tourists who wish to sightsee in Siena hills, a thermal hotel was recently opened in Bagno Vignoni: Holtel Adler, which, during its first working year registered 50.000 guests, reaching over 80% of its capability. The hotel structures present in Montalcino and surroundings have all less than 40 rooms, with no particular services nor facilities; there are plenty of “farm holydays” lodges, where attendance is very high, but which are not so interesting for medium-high band tourists. The building of a new hotel is already programmed, which will be equipped with 150 rooms, large sport facilities (pools, tennis courts, SPA) and will have 24.900 sqm (7.200 cm) extension. Moreover a tourist habitation area between 5.000 and 10.000 is foreseen, in order to complete the hotel structure and increase its capability, as well as address an offer to customers who require and appreciate the tourist residence/hotel format in this region. Furthermore, part of this area may be used for service staff.

Siena south area (Montalcino, Pienza, etc.) is greatly appreciated by foreigner for peace, quietness and beautiful landscapes. Besides important estates and farms, the market offers not so much and the medium target request is absolutely not met. The idea is to build a little village, recalling ancient settlements, with medium size two-family cottages: 80 sqm. The 95-unit complex would be complete with pool, common and also private huge parks and gardens. Near the complex, always in our property, there is a beautiful 1.500 sqm farm, built on 3,6 hectares land, which later on could be used for habitations or congress centre.

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