Offices, warehouses and courtyard
Via San Francesco

Via San Francesco (MO)

It is a former industrial estate built in the Seventies consisting of: 10.000 sqm courtyard, 500 sqm offices and 2.500 sqm warehouses.
The peculiarity of this estate is the extremely favourable commercial position, close to an well known supermarket and to the main street joining Maranello to Sassuolo, in front of the municipal villa, only few minutes walking from Fiorano Modenese city centre.

The area is in an exceptional position for outlets, praised trademarks for retail sales needing large spaces. We studied a possible requalification exploiting the nearness to an important supermarket and to Fiorano Modenese city centre.
It can be divides in 250-800 sqm units.

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Subject sqm
Total surface 10.000
Courtyard area 6.532
Estate 2.448
Offices 520